DUREX, together with PENOX and CHEMSON, are co-founders and shareholders of DUROX PRODUTOS QUÍMICOS LTDA. DUROX started its activities at the beginning of 2003 in a CHEMSON facility located in Rio Claro, 160km north of São Paulo.

  Each of the three partners has brought to the new company his distinguished experience in the Brazilian and south-American market of metallic oxides. Their businesses of litharge and red lead were also embodied by DUROX as a new and independent market operator.

  DUREX was founded in 1926 and soon became one of the biggest battery manufacturers in Brazil. Since then, it has been diversifying its production among axles, exhausts and mufflers, chemicals and raw materials including lead oxides for the paint, cathode TV tube, ceramic and battery sections. The DUREX GROUP has undergone a recent restructuring, which has led to the sale of the battery business to ENERTEC, a change in the axle business and the co-foundation of an art and architecture university in São Paulo, as well as the joint venture DUROX in Rio Claro. DUREX has granted the new company DUROX access to the lead oxides market.

  CHEMSON has been undoubtedly the Mercosul market leader in the stabilizer area since its foundation in 1979. CHEMSON DO BRASIL began its activities in Rio Claro in 1988, still under the name of DIADEMA INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS LTDA. The CHEMSON GROUP was formed in 2000 after the parting of the stabilizer and oxide activities of CHEMETALL. The group is headquartered in Arnoldstein in Austria, and possesses factories in England, Austria, Brazil and China.

  CHEMSON is going to be one of DUROX’s biggest clients, and also the area owner, a service supplier and will provide infrastructure for the joint venture.

  PENOX has already a great background in Brazil, which has originally started through the company HEUBACH DO BRASIL, and has been spread as well in the south-American market through the PYOSA OXIDES joint venture placed in Mexico. In 2002, PENOX, after 9 years of success, decided to sell its part in DUROX to the other partners.


  The current production capacity is of 12000 tons of lead oxide per year, equally spread among litharge and red lead. The oxide production is performed by the Barton technology on the first stage, and followed by heat induction calcinatory on the secondary production of both litharge and red lead.


  Based on CHEMSON’s traditional care for the environment, at its modern industrial park in Rio Claro, we rely on guaranteed environmental safety and quality products.

  With the experience brought by both DUREX and CHEMSON to DUROX, it has obtained its ISO 9000 certification in 2004 and its ISO 14000 in 2006.


The facilities acquired from CHEMSON (litharge) and DUREX (red lead) are being equipped with a modern system to improve and control the production monitoring and also to help the environment control systems.

The red lead market is going to grow in Brazil, once every leading car and truck manufacturers are present in this country, which is also the home of the largest bus manufacturer in the world.

In 2011 DUROX installed a granulation system to supply the gold mining market, providing GOLD FREE litharge as powder and grains.
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